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"Touching the heart of Augusta... one heart at a time... since 1963"

Bible Deliverance Temple

Church Beyond Walls - Another Chance Ministries Network

Chastity McKnight, along with Associate Pastor Charlotte Ginn. In late summer 2012, “Church Beyond Walls” became the named covering for its outreach ministries: “Another Chance Ministry Network, Love Without Walls and the Harrisburg Family Life Center.” Bible Deliverance Temple in conjunction with Church Beyond Walls and Another Chance Ministries Network work jointly to reach, not only the Harrisburg Community of Augusta… but also expanding to Augusta Metro – CSRA and beyond.

This past year they were instrumental in providing over 10,000 free meals, Christmas presents for over 1200 children and families, total Christmas [including a full meal served in their home, clothes and toys for all resident children] for 22 families [85 children], providing clothing for many, and made possible affordable housing for several area families. Bible Deliverance Temple… Church Beyond Walls...“touching the heart of Augusta, one heart at a time, since 1963.”

~~Bible Deliverance Temple (at times referred to as BDT and now more commonly referred to as "the Temple")was founded in 1963. It was birthed during a revival conducted by the founder and pastor emeritus, Dr. H. K. McKnight Sr. From those early days in the old "Brigham Grocery" building, the church has grown into a complex covering four corners in the heart of historic Augusta, Georgia.

The church has active programs for all ages, regardless of race or socio-economic standing. Weekly and monthly events offer an opportunity for spiritual, mental and physical growth. The church is a member and extension of the Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools and the Logos Global Network, located in Jacksonville, Florida. The church has sent ministry teams as far away as South Korea, Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, India, Africa, South America and Mexico. However, with her interest throughout the years in foreign missions, the church has maintained a thriving home missions program that today receives most of its ministry focus.

~~The ministry of Bible Deliverance Temple has always been a diverse one and is now the parent of Church Beyond Walls and Another Chance Ministries Network which are nonprofits established by BDT's Senior Pastors Kelly and