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Scenes from Youth Outreach
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Children at Christmas Give Away

Church Beyond Walls 

Another Chance Ministries Network

Church Beyond Walls & Another Chance Ministries Network are sister 501c3 religious nonprofits, located in the inner city of Augusta Georgia. Working in tandem, they provide many core services to its inner city residents, and beyond.

This conglomerate personally supports numerous ministries, charities, and non-profit organizations. Church Beyond Wall's (CBW) primary focus is children and youth. As its name implies, Another Chance Ministries Network (ACMN) is primarily focused on providing adult individuals and families with "another chance" or a "fairer chance" at life. 

Since their inception, CBW & ACMN have annually provided, in conjunction with their parent church, Bible Deliverance Temple, over 12,000 free meals, Christmas presents for over 500 children and their families, total Christmas [including a full meal served in their home, clothes and toys for all resident children] for 50+ families, housing assistance, educational assistance, job assistance and medical-dental assistance as donations have allowed.

To date, ACMN-CBW has provided over 95,000 free meals, housing assistance for 215 families, and medical-dental assistance for 139 individuals, educational assistance for 17 students, rehabilitation assistance for 21, job assistance for over 150 and counseling-inspiration sessions and seminars for hundreds nationally. As funds become available, ACMN-CBW have plans for a "Daily After School Program," an Early Education Center and special housing for single mothers, along with development of the Harrisburg Family Life Center.