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Scenes from HFLC

The Harrisburg Community Life Center (HFLC)

The HFLC is a multi-purpose building located on the campus of Bible deliverance Temple. This edifice has served as a staple to the Harrisburg Community, since its inception over 10 years ago.

It houses its own kitchen, offices, meeting spaces, play ares, ect. The dream of Pastors Kelly and Chastity, along with Pastor Charlotte, husband and a diverse group of volunteers is to one day be able to provide a hot breakfast each morning for school children who would normally have to stand at an open bus stop... exposed and at the mercy of the weather at that particular time.

During the day, it would become a safe place for senior citizens to gather, fellowship, learn and share a meal together. Encouragement would be given for the seniors to adopt a "grandchild" and for the children to adopt a "grandparent."

Computer classes would be given on a daily basis, as well as job assistance, interview training, etc. This would help in deterring some of the crimes currently being committed throughout the CSRA.

In the evening time, approved adults would be utilized to provide tutoring and homework assistance as needed for the children returning from a day at school. A hot meal would be provided for those who participate.

We are currently raising funds to implement this program. Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner with us in changing lives. Just click on the "Donate Button" or give us a call at 706.736.1600.

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